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Northern Colorado can be many things to many people. For example, Fort Collins has been nationally recognized by Money, Outside, Fortune and other magazines. We are one of Colorado's top five tourist destinations.

Well, I’ve lived in Fort Collins since 1970 and I've seen so many changes over the years. I'd like to share a few of the things that I think make Fort Collins such a great city.  

  • Outdoor Recreation –We have so many incredible open spaces for biking, hiking, and recreation within a few miles of town, such as Horsetooth Reservoir, Horsetooth Mountain Park, Lori State Park, Coyote Ridge, and the Blue Sky Trail.
  • Live Theatre – The best kept secret in Fort Collins is our live theatre. We have three outstanding theatre houses, Open Stage and Bas Bleu tons of talented, local actors,
  • Beer and Food – Fort Collins home to the third largest craft brewer, New Belgium Brewery, as well as O’Dell Brewery, Fort Collins Brewery, and many brew pubs. Our dining scene is coming into its own, with local chefs operating a variety of creative, tasty restaurants. Check out a list of favorite restaurants in northern Colorado,
  • Natural Beauty – If you just look around, you will see natural beauty in every direction. To the west, you can see Long’s Peak and parts of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and Horsetooth Rock. To the east, you can see farms and the open plains.
  • Interesting People – The citizens of northern Colorado are polite, open, and nice people.We will make you feel welcome and right at home. There are also many interesting people who do fascinating things, run cool companies, and live amazing lives.
  • Colorado State University – CSU is the economic engine, cultural driver, and focal point of Fort Collins. From cultural diversity, youthful enthusiasm, educational opportunities, and athletic competition, CSU is truly a crown jewel of our city. We are blessed to have such a outstanding institution, and we owe a huge dept to the founding fathers who saw the wisdom of starting a land grant college back in 1870.

To learn more about Northern Colorado, please read my blog: Gary Clark's Blog

While I am high on Fort Collins, I am also invested in Loveland. My wife Bettie is the Risk Manager for the City of Loveland. Our company, Rooftop Property Management, owns three rental properties there. Century 21 Humpal has an office in Loveland. And Loveland has an outstanding restored 1920's theatre, the Rialto.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Greeley, because I was born there. One of my favorite books, Centenial by James Michner, was written about Greeley, and early in his career Michner was a professor at the University of Northern Colorado.

Mountain biking is HUGE in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, heart of the "napa valley of beer"

Fort Collins live theatre is a best kept secret!

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